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The Boondocks

The Boondocks in Anderson, SC offers a great southern family atmosphere and hospitality, and we were seated quickly upon my arrival. The service was excellent, with the server offering great suggestions and personal advice. The overall dining experience was enhanced by the warm and friendly ambiance.

Starting with the appetizers, we ordered Cheese Fries with ranch dressing on the side. Overall, the dish was enjoyable, with a good portion size and flavorful cheese. However, the fries seemed either frozen or store-bought, and the dish could have been elevated with the use of homemade fries. The bacon, though flavorful, could have been in larger chunks for a more satisfying experience. The second appetizer was fried pickles, which had a generous portion size. The breading was slightly too salty, but the pickles remained crisp and had good flavor.

Bacon Cheeseburger

Moving on to the entrees, the first was a bacon cheeseburger with a cooked egg and fries. The burger was requested with double Swiss cheese and had a decent flavor, though it could have used more seasoning. The beef remained juicy and was not dry. The combination of Swiss cheese and bacon was well executed. However, the bread used was not of the highest quality and could have been improved. The fries were the same as those served with the cheese fries but would have been better with a homemade version.

Boondock Bird Dog and Hot (Bird) Dog

For our second entree, we ordered the Boondock Bird Dog and Hot (Bird) Dog. These dishes feature fresh battered chicken tenders (bird) with cheese and bacon served on a hot dog bun. The Boondock had apple-wood smoked bacon, topped with melted Mozzarella cheese and the restaurant's special dock sauce. The bacon was cooked well, and the sauces complemented the chicken extremely well. The Hot (bird) Dog had thick-cut apple-wood smoked bacon topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese and the restaurant's homemade buffalo ranch served in a hot dog bun. The homemade ranch complemented the fresh battered chicken extremely well, and the bacon added some saltiness that made it a great dish. However, like the burger, the buns could be improved to make this dish even better.

For dessert, we ordered the banana pudding and chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream. The banana pudding was good, with the thickness of the pudding being just right and the flavor being on point. The wafers could have been a bit fresher to add some crunch to the bite. The server recommended adding the ice cream to the chocolate pudding, which was a great choice. Without the ice cream, the pudding would have been a bit too dry for some and overpowering.

In conclusion, The Boondocks has an amazing atmosphere and service, but the food could be improved with some upgrades like better bread and more seasoning. The portions for the appetizers are a great value, and the flavor is there. This place has great potential to be even better. With some upgrades to the menu and ingredients, The Boondocks could easily become a staple in the Anderson, SC dining scene.

Overall Score: 7/10


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